After our radio debut, we hit the studio again. It’s been awesome seeing everything come together bit by bit. I’m just excited to get the chance to record more music. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do and it really hasn’t hit me that I’m actually doing it for real. That being said, I’m also looking forward to when we’ll be finished with our full length album if only because I’m really excited about the new stuff we’ve written. I promise you’ll like it.

Here’s the view from the vocal booth from when we tracked 2 months ago. Today I gave the horn section my moral support while I couch surfed with my laptop.


SLO Rootz Sessions

Well, I must say that this past weekend was a lot of work, but so enjoyable and very well worth it. The four new songs that we tracked are absolutely pure rootz music!!!
Bless~Mikey J.

In the studio…

It’s 4:37 on Saturday; beer cans have slowly materialized on every flat surface in the sound room at Avalon Studios. I love recording! We’ve been working hard for the last five hours to track four new songs and re-track one other. Right now, Mike G. is playing some amazing fills for a heavy dub break. With each listening session, we grow increasingly excited about the imminent completion of our first full-length album. We can’t wait to share our hard work with our friends and family. I feel truly blessed to create music with such a great group of people.